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SILKEN (click to listen)

Ballads extraordinaire! The silky soulful tones of Silvana, coupled with the skill and wealth of experience of Ken Warrillow on guitar. Silvana had regular appearances on Italian TV several years ago and has also appeared on BBC TV and Channel 4. Ken’s musical career began with professional bands in the 60s and he has since played with many of the greats - probably one of the most professional duos in the business. Renditions of songs like 'Somewhere over the Rainbow', 'Songbird', 'Sultans of Swing', to Bob Dylan’s ‘To Make You Feel My Love’, are revered by those who have experienced them.


Faz and Dave

Play Rhythm and Blues, Country and some classic Pop songs, all done in an easy listening style. They are members of the rock band Demon in their other life. Duo work is relaxation for them and makes for an evening of excellent music, brought to the audience in an entertaining manner.



Loud and rockin! Not for the faint hearted. AWOL’s lead singer, Mac, has a sultry voice, perfectly suited to the rock classics that you will enjoy but may not have heard for a long time. From the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band, Jethro Tull, to the Beatles and Roxy Music. Famed for their version of the classic Chris Isaak song, ‘Wicked Games’, they are often referred to as Staffordshire’s most popular rock band.



Wow!!  A sensational five piece function band playing great music to dance to.  Music from 60's right to the present.  Pretenders, Duffy, Blondie, Cockney Rebel,  the Motown greats, Fratellis, The Killers and the list goes on.....  INDECISION play something for everyone.  Lead vocals are provided by the superbly silky smooth voice of Silvana, ably assisted on lead guitar by Mike Warrillow, Malc Oldham on drums and Jeff and Paul on keys and bass. Whatever the function, be it a party, wedding, grand ball or corporate occasion,  INDECISION will give you a night to remember.  Guaranteed to 'get the party started'.  Click the link to see them in action.  You won't be disappointed!


Jason Huxley

Totally unique. The sound of an entire band played on one guitar - from Sting, Paul Weller, Snow Patrol, U2, Damien Rice, to name just a few. Jason has played session guitar with chart groups and writes much music in his own right, which have been used on film and TV scores and has had recent chart success with Honey Ryder.

Rocky Tron

Music we just know! A three man band, covering the ‘baby boomer years’, who have experience of playing in bands of the era. From the 60s to a Crazy Little Thing Called Love - you’ll be singing along. The soft tones of lead singer Rocket Ron can cope with quiet music to dine to, right through to full energy Rock’n Roll, filling a hall with music like they used to in the days of Mecca ballrooms.


The Odd Couple

Unique blend of jazz, blues and rock, played with a lot of soul. From Nat King Cole to the Killers, they offer a fantastic range of music to entertain their audience. One of the few duos who are always asking for requests, which can usually be fulfilled in a pleasing way. John Le Warble on smiling vocals is perfectly complimented by the sultry Alan Le Pluck, with his masterly guitar work, gained from years of experience with the best cruise lines.



Now here is a chameleon! As a solo performer, Mick is a great guitarist with a fantastic soul voice, compared by many to Stevie Wonder. Then put him together with either of his regular duo partners, the sound has a lot of jazz influences. With Paul Mathews on guitar you get fine laid back, soulful modern jazz, alternatively, with keyboard virtuoso Colin Browne (yes from Barclay James Harvest) you’re in for a treat with a much more bluesy type of jazz. Which ever way you hear Mick Giliker, you won’t be disappointed.


The Warriors

The Warrillow brothers, Tim, Mike and Paul, are a young band with a wealth of experience. Up to date with much of the modern music they also draw upon their family heritage which goes right back to the rock n roll era. So one minute you’ll be rockin to The Kaiser Chiefs then the next be lost in Great Balls of Fire!



Sarah Miller & Dan Machin playing innovative acoustic arrangements of classic pop, rock & jazz tracks from the 1950's up to the 21st Century.  Sarah's soaring vocals and Dan's amazing guitar parts make for a fantastic performance.  Not to be missed!


Live Wires

One of the top cover bands in the country! A 4 piece rock and pop band, these North Staffordshire lads have constantly toured the UK since 2006. Described as extremely experienced, highly professional , with a cool, energetic sound. Their repertoire includes The Beatles, The Stones, Kings Of Leon, Killers and much more! They are experts at making a night to remember.


Allen and Steve ‘the Fubars duo’ have enjoyed playing to thousands of people across the country. Be it a small gathering or a concert hall, their unique delivery and understanding of dynamics never fails to capture an audience. The choice of material stretches the boundaries from vintage to contemporary music, while their distinctive sound places old and new flawlessly together. From Jonny Cash to The Killers; Chuck Berry to Jack Johnson; all songs are performed with taste and zeal. Allen and Steve’s experience is unprecedented. Willing to go the extra mile, ‘the Fubars duo’ will do what it takes to make the event a success. Using a superb sound system they freely supply background music or for those events that require more gusto. They also offer a DJ and lighting rig option.


The Fubars band is an experienced enthusiastic four piece rock/pop band. Courteous and talented they are known across the country for their lively and versatile performances, from private parties to massive corporate events the guys never fail to fill the dance floor. You can be confident these four friendly guys will go that extra mile to ensure your event will run as smoothly as possible. A state-of-the-art sound system ensures that the band's performance will sound crystal clear in any venue! What Sort of Music Do They Play? A huge selection from the 50’s to present day, rock n roll classics such as Johnny B. Goode to the Kings of Leon.